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β€œThe only things certain in life are death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Tax Docket was created by a tax attorney prior to pursuing his LL.M. in Taxation at New York University.

Tax Docket will provide you with an informative tax resource that will offer students, professionals and anyone with an interest in learning something new about the tax world with daily musings on current tax-related events. Tax Docket will deliver that knowledge in an informative yet entertaining (yes, tax can be fun) manner.

Tax Docket believes that tax affects people personally and professionally and plans to keep you as informed as possible on matters that cover both of those aspects.

I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting and reading this Web site as much as I do creating and updating it for you!


1. This blog is not meant to provide legal advice. If you have any lingering legal or tax questions, you really need to seek the advice of a tax professional or attorney.

2. This blog contains excerpts from court opinions, news articles, and other web content. This content is cited and linked at in my posts. No claim to copyright/original government works.

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