The Stakes are High When Trying to Figure Out Next Year’s Estate Tax Rates…Literally

by Joshua on August 18, 2010

Trying to figure out what estate tax rates will apply next year is almost as frustrating for estate planners as it is for ESPN in trying to figure out whether Brett Favre will retire or not. Georgia estate planner John J. Scroggin took the uncertainty to another level. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Financial Adviser’s Blog, he asked a group of estate planners to place bets on how Congress would handle the estate tax. The Jackpot: $200. Scroggin thinks there are three possibilities for the estate tax. “The options are a 45% tax on estates over $2 million; a 60% tax on estates over $1 million; or 60% tax on estates over $2 million.”

WSJ Financial Adviser Blog: On Estate Tax, All Bets Are…On

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